Saltford Brass Mill
Saltford Brass Mill is situated on the banks of the River Avon in the village of Saltford, 5 miles west of the City of Bath in the South West of England.

The Brass Mill is the only surviving building, still with a furnace and working water wheel, remaining from a group of eighteenth century mills making copper and brass goods in the Avon Valley between Bristol and Bath.

The Brass Mill is cared for by a dedicated group of volunteers (The Saltford Brass Mill Project) who carry out husbandry tasks within the building and research the fascinating history of the Copper and Brass Industry.

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Saltford Brass Mill Project
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The Brass Mill has recently undergone a major program of repair and maintenance.  The work was undertaken by Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) council, who hold a long-term lease for the building.  The work was completed at the of 2014, allowing the Saltford Brass Mill Project to re-establish a program of regular opening to visitors in 2015.